clar·i·ty [klar-i-tee] noun

  1. clearness of understanding; freedom from ambiguity
  2. free from obscurity; easy to understand

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What is the value of seeing things clearly?

Of not being blinded by your own filters, biases and limiting beliefs, as well as those of your team? What is the difference between a vision for your company or life that is foggy vs. one that is crystal clear in living Technicolor?

Pristine clarity calls us into action. It informs, motivates, and aligns. It is the potent beginning of any journey worth taking. The absence of clarity ensures stuckness. It creates inefficiency, confusion, frustration and fatigue.

What issue has you stuck? What inefficiency is your team facing due to a lack of total clarity of the desired destination? What decisions are you in the process of making that would become obvious if you had clarity of the end game?

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